Ristorante - I Love It

The Ask Dr. Oetker and Ristorante needed a new communications message to recruit 18-28 year old females to the brand. The brand was becoming stale in its category and needed Irish humour to create disruption. It’s objective was to make Ristorante relevant to 18-28 year old females. Thus, we were tasked with driving consumer consideration of the brand with while focusing on a modern and fresh take on the proposition. In order to create the most engaging and disruptive campaign, we firstly considered what love meant to the Under 28’s in the modern world. Subsequently, we explored how we could harness this concept to disrupt the target market and make them engage with the brand. What We Did From these considerations, stemmed the concept for the Ristorante’s campaign; ‘I Love It’. The double entendre headline proved to be extremely palpable with its target audience, making consumers think about all the places they love to eat pizza. The Irish sense of humour and wit was notably appreciated by Ristorante consumers. It took us 14 days from brief to roll out completion (OOH, six sheets, bus shelters etc). This included, briefing, brainstorming, strategic planning, design and artworking, printing and implanting.