Franciscan Well
at Taste of Dublin

Molson Coors wanted to demonstrate and profile their premium world beers range amongst a key relevant target audience.  Working with the client InSight Marketing recommended bring an innovative beer tasting experience to Taste of Dublin.  Ahead of the festival InSight Marketing worked with the beer specialist within Molson Coors and professional chef Andrew Rudd to create a beer and food tasting experience for 6 of Molson Coors premium beer range.

To add intrigue at the festival the experience was housed in a life-size crate where consumers were simply invited to “Discover the World”.  Consumers that entered the crate were issued with a blindfold and given a blind food & beer tasting experience including a beer and food masterclass – where each beer was profiled.  Ultimately when the experience was completed they could remove their blindfold to reveal the beer and food they had just tried.