Aisle of Wonder

The Ask

Nestlé Cereals wanted to sample a range of cereals to consumers in various shopping centres around Dublin. The brand’s goal was to get consumers to trial its products, thus encouraging sales. The brand also wanted to educate consumers on the ingredients in the various cereals. The samples included Cheerios and Shreddies portion packs.

What We Did

Rather than purely organising a ‘brand to hand’ sampling experience, we wanted to come up with a disruptive, engaging and interactive experience that would leave consumers with an emotional communication with the brand Nestlé Cereals. We developed the ‘Aisle of Wonder Unit’ to do just that.  The unit was vibrant, disruptive and eye-catching which compelled consumer’s to get involved in the sampling. Nestlé Cereals bold and distinctive branding stood out in the shopping centres which enticed consumers over to the unit. Seating areas were provided for people to enjoy the cereals and the tubes containing the cereals also contributed to a more interesting and fun look and feel.

What was a semi permanent unit that was designed to be used for a couple of years, lasted us much longer and was re-wrapped with different branding multiple times for different brand sampling experiences.